Epoxy Floor Painting Services

An epoxy coating or flooring needs a good pours and deep cleaned area to adheres the floor.Epoxy coating or floor painting is very difficult and time consumed process but Mumayz Floor Works have the experienced handy man for this work, they performed their experience in many  area throughout UAE.

Epoxy coating or epoxy flooring mainally used in industry and industrial areas.Mumayz Floor Works is well know company for this special work and complete so many big projects in UAE.Epoxy painting also use in parking area and warehouse for help to avoid slippery and makes durable condition of the floor.
How to do this.?
Mumayz floor works team ist grinding all the area so that concrete make level and smooth. All the patches and cracks are filled by the standard and quality material ,after this make sending all the floor area and remove dust with industrial heavy vacuum. Our expert also check the condition of moisturizer on the floor then decided for paint.A layer of cellar  also applied on the floor for preventing the moisturizer in future.Finally apply two coat of Epoxy paint on the floor to make shiny and durable for maximum five years warranty.

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